Werner Damen (1972) was originally educated at the University of Amsterdam to become a Mass psychologist, specialised in propaganda and opinion dynamics. From the scientific world he accidentally crossed over in the commercial world when having to fulfil an internship at a film production company in Amsterdam.

Realising all those years watching movies and drawing, finally could pay off into a successful career he started directing10 years ago with his fingers crossed. Flash forward, a decade and several national and international awards further he is represented all over Europe and still enjoying watching the action happen on little monitors behind the camera. Furthermore he likes to go to the gym, reality trash TV and snobbish red wines but he hates people who skip lines, bad coffee and Twitter.

We love his work because it shows great sensitivity with impeccable taste and sense of design. His lighting and the looks he creates simply rock. And we love to work with him because he is sharp, quick and gorgeous and has a wonderful juicy sense of humour. On set he knows what he wants and how to get it.